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The Parliamentary Intergroup of Cinema tributes Fellini and announces the next events.

Rome, 20th January 2022

Acunzo states that: ‘’Cinemas must stay open and it’s extremely important to increase the public, as well as the private, investments devoted to short films. We reaffirm, today, the engagement assumed with the unanimous approval of the initiative by the Parliamentary Committees on Foreigns Affairs and Culture."

The above mentioned declaration of the President of the Parliamentary Intergroup of Cinema and Performing Arts Nicola Acunzo closes the conference dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini and to the World Day of Italian Cinema, held at the press room of Chamber of Deputies. During the conference, the next event was announced: on 23th of February a live projection of the short films promoted by the World Day will take place, at Theodoli Palace in Rome.

"This day proves that it is possible to overcome the immobility of political action in the face of a common feeling. The cinema has the power to reach people's hearts and constitutes an incredible opportunity of growth not only for those who produce it, but also for those who, as spectators, can take a new look at the World" - the statement by the member of the Commission "European Union Policies" and of the Cinema Intergroup Cristian Romaniello.

The movie critic Carlo Gentile highlights the importance of public-privates synergies: ‘’Italy is at the forefront in the production of quality short movies. The commitment of the Cinema Intergroup is a commendable testimony of the recognition of the value of short films in the cinematographic field, a commitment that needs to be strengthened in its relations and collaboration with Rai".

From David's Donatello Awards, thanks to Acunzo, the greeting from the President of the Italian Cinema Academy, Piera Detassis, reaches the hall. To represent the works promoted by the World day in the last two years, have intervened Giulio Mastromauro, filmmaker of ‘’Inverno", short film winner at David’s Donatello Awards 2020, and Domenico Croce, co-director with Stefano Malchiodi of ‘’Anne’’, the short film winner at David’s Donatello Awards 2021, and Lorenzo Vitrone, who recently received a special mention from the parliamentary Cinema Intergroup as part of the "Uno Sguardo Raro" film festival.

The President of the Fondazione Fellini per il Cinema, Stéphane Marti, was present through videoconference, emphasizing the centrality of cinema as a "Civic Platform open to all cultures" and reiterating his availability to maximum cooperation for the promotion of young Italian authors.

The appointment is set on the 23rd of February at Theodoli Palace - concludes Acunzo - finally a live projection, dedicated to our young talents. I would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Culture and the Academy of Italian Cinema. We know how hard these last two years have been: it’s time to dream again about the great festival in cinemas that we’ve imagined thinking of the World Day of Italian Cinema.’’


The World Day of Italian Cinema was established on the 11th of December 2019, with the Resolution 7-000225 unanimously approved by the Joint Committees III (Foreign and EU Affairs) and VII (Culture Science and Instruction) of Italian Parliament. The World Day of Italian Cinema commits the Italian cultural institutes and embassies to give worldwide visibility to the works of new authors and to celebrate the great masters of our cinema.

The Parliamentary Intergroup on Cinema and Performing Arts, chaired by Nicola Acunzo, is made of about 70 members of parliament from different political groups and it is responsible for promoting and coordinating thematic initiatives, including the "World Italian Cinema Day".

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