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Parliamentary Intergroup Cinema and Performing Arts

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Why is the World Day of Italian cinema born?

On the occasion of the centenary of Fellini's birth, the Parliamentary Intergroup Cinema and Performing Arts presented at a press conference in the Chamber the parliamentary resolution, unanimously approved, on the World Day of Italian Cinema, which aims to give space to new authors and celebrate the great masters of cinema of our country.

I am happy that the conference was a great success - said the deputy Nicola Acunzo, president of the parliamentary intergroup, creator and promoter of the project -. We know well how important theatrical distribution is. Thus, through the projections of their works in the network of Italian embassies, consulates and cultural institutes abroad, with an integrated promotional action, young authors and female authors will have greater visibility and consequently the possibility of finding funding for subsequent feature films. The sharing of this project, by all political forces, strengthens its action and the ultimate goal which is also to encourage the induced coming from "Film tourism".

“As evidence of the government's closeness to young authors - added Acunzo -, an event was proposed at the“ Fondamenta ”School directed by Giancarlo Sammartano. During the evening, three short films by emerging authors were screened that struck and excited us with extremely topical themes: 'In Zona cesarini' directed by Simona Cocozza, 'Whose land is it?' written and directed by Daniela Giordano and 'Bellissima', directed by Alessandro Capitani. There was no shortage of testimonies from ambassadors of Italian cinema and art connected via the web from abroad who, at the same time worldwide, were able to follow and appreciate the same short films selected and screened in Italy ”.

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